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Freckles, Herman, and Dodo (and Pepe’ la Pew)

Last year, the 50 ft. spruce Christmas tree in Redding, PA created a stir in social media.

Tall, lopsided, with a few scrawny branches, citizens  made fun of it – one said it already looked more like something you throw out after Christmas.  Then the national media spread the word, and humiliated the city into making preparations to remove and replace it.

However, as with ugly puppies, supporters sprang into action.  One said it was like the city itself, not perfect but with great character.  A city council member said trashing the tree sent the message that if you’re not perfect, you are worthless.  So the wrecking crew was called away, and fund raising marchers began a campaign to re-decorate the tree.

When our children were little, the annual tree hunt was a wonderful family tradition but usually not anticipated with joy.  It always seemed to be cold and muddy, and we always disagreed on the choice.  One year, we bought a 10 ft. Frazier fir,  much too expensive for us. The very next week, each kiddo filled up their gallon sand pails with its dropped needles, and with the stalk strapped to the top of our green Pontiac station wagon, we went back to the lot for a new selection. (The sales person was more than glad to give us a new one and hurry us off the lot)

Another year, our pioneer spirit active, and we walked a long way into a friend’s woods, cut a beautiful cedar tree, and  lugged it back to the house.  We were very disappointed when we could not get it through any of our doors, so it became a beautiful lawn tree.  (It looked so much smaller in the woods).

We recently bought our tree from a nursery which specializes in large noble firs.  Probably 200 trees were displayed on stands over the large lot, and with our measuring tape and parameters in mind, we began the shopping meander. In a brilliant marketing tactic, each tree was named. It really helped you identify the trees you liked and to find them again.  We liked Freckles for its long sloping branches, Herman for its perfect shape, but Dodo was the one for us last year. (Please, pronounce that with long o’s! )  This year we selected Pepe’ la Pew, a 9 1/2 foot blue spruce.

However Pepe’ la Pew presents itself when decorated,  I am reminded of what  one Redding citizen said,

“Decorate it up, fill in the gaps, and move forward.”

Good advice for all sorts of  situations.  Almost a life philosophy.


Ben says,

“Beauty and folly are old friends.”

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