My Friend, Velma

My Friend, Velma

My friend, Velma, is a wonderful photographer.  I am struggling to select just a few of her photos as there as so many beautiful choices. Over the years,  she has expanded her viewpoints.  First, I loved her land and seascapes, and then  her wonderful vegetable garden photos.  She gardens in pots in a narrow isle […]

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Asparagus: Only for a Patient Gardener

**(This Post is written by my friend, Mary.  More info about her at the end.)**     Asparagus is one of America’s favorite early spring vegetables and is very easy to grow . . . if you are patient. It takes 2 to 3 years to establish but the plant can be productive up to 20 years, […]

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Repurposed Vegetables*

I sometimes watch Ina Garten, television’s Barefoot Contessa, and she has me sold on vegetables. She’s an interesting person. She worked for Presidents Ford and Carter writing nuclear energy policy, and she is married to Jeffery Garten, a professor at Yale and author of several books.  A lot of her cooking show episodes are set […]

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