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Sooie, sooey, soo ee…

My friend, Al, a political enthusiast and noted commentator, has christened the 2016 election year, the Year of the Pig.  Well, after all,  Hillary’s spouse is a cheating swine, Bernie lives on a pig farm, The Donald is a sexist pig, and Ted is simply pig-headed.  And, of course, they all want to cut pork […]

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It’s Very SADD !

It’s Very SADD !

You would think you would be ‘safe’ from a drunk driver if you were in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, and, of course, you would be wrong. This week, Jeff King, four time Iditarod winner, was hit by a  snowmobile drunk driver in the middle of his race.  One of his beloved dogs was […]

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