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My New World #7: Everything is Breaking Down (Except Me)

Let me say first, that my tests yesterday showed good progress and no new growth; however, I am about the only good news in my world this week.

Most distressing is the illness of our little Jitterbug. She has been in the hospital for almost a week, and poor baby is very sick.  Her blood sugar drops dangerously low and she needs an IV drip to maintain herself.  Today a test result ruled out an insulinoma, a tumor on the pancreas which is incurable.  (does this sound familiar?)  Other tests indicated she had a flare up of pancreatitis, and she has Addison’s Disease.  Both of these are treatable so we are so relieved and grateful.

And, then there is our house.  The central air, built-in microwave and oven, and living room sofa springs have all departed my world over the last week.  I guess it’s logical that in a house built and furnished 20 years ago, appliances and furniture would all be approaching their lifetime at about the same time. However, it’s a little disconcerting wondering what goes next. We’re keeping a careful eye on all our conveniences.

MY TESTS:  This week’s  evaluation for the treatments of the last eight weeks was good.  There are no new growths and my body  is tolerating the chemotherapy very well. My doc is giving me a two week break on treatments, and when I begin Round Three on Wednesday, Aug 30, I will only be taking two drugs.  The big, bad drug, Cisplatin, will be placed on the shelf temporarily, and, as Doc says, ” saved for a rainy day.”

A FAMILY TRIP: We are planning a family trip to the Land of Custer, Crazy Horse, and Mt. Rushmore for  Aug 18-22, and on the 21st we will be in the wide open spaces of Alliance, Nebraska to observe the solar eclipse.  I am so excited about the prospect of travel.

MY SCHEDULE: I begin Round Three on August 30. There will be four treatments over eight weeks, and those dates tentatively are Aug 30, Sept 13, Sept 27, and Oct 11.  I feel best beginning 5 days after a treatment.  Again, thanks to my visitors…love seeing everyone and revisiting our adventures together.

ABOUT BEN’S Glass Harmonica (Armonica): Several of you have been interested in this remarkable instrument, and my friend, the incredible Cajun Coach, sent me a DVD of Dan  Shostak in concert with his (h) armonica.

Here’s a sample when Mr. Shostak appeared on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

That Ben, he truly was remarkable!

AND! Heartfelt thanks to Suzan and Saira for being such great caregivers to our sweet Jitterbug, a beautiful and spirited little soul.

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  1. Linda Vegh says:

    You have great news on your treatments. That is wonderful! Hope you have great weather to view the eclipse. My son Joseph is in Wyoming to view and take pics.

    Take care, Carol. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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