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My New World #13: Happy 2019!

A very Happy 2019!  While it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog, the New Year has been good for me.
My life has  settled into an every other week chemo routine, and the treatments have been very effective.  My little monsters have not grown and seem to be resting:  they’re not going away, but have not grown. So far my old body is hanging in there, and I have not had chemo in two months. My hair is growing – I call it my Albert Einstein do!  I am still not comfortable going out in public without my wig, but if we visit at home, best prepare yourself!
I have been thinking about the wonderful M. D. Anderson.  As some of you know, I was an MDA volunteer patient advocate for about ten years, helping patients with mostly ordinary issues, and I felt useful. Every so often a staff member and a patient would miscommunicate and I could use some of my resolution skills.  I stopped volunteering about four years before I became a patient myself.  Now, through my personal experiences, I have learned so much more about MDA. – am writing (in my head) a little pamphlet, MDA for Dummies. 
MDA is a truly a place of Hope.  As I walk the halls, I see all sorts of people in all stages of their fight with cancer. For some that’s depressing, but for me, it’s uplifting.  I am sure that most of them will survive, eventually resume their usual lives, although ever blessed and humbled by the knowledge of their own humanness and the vulnerability of life.
Next week I go for my evaluative scan and we will see what’s really going on with my little monsters. I am very sure I will resume chemo treatments any week now.  It’s been a nice “vacation” but probably time to go back to work.
Thanks again for all the visits and calls.  You are making a big difference for me: your thoughts and kind words, the visits, and by including me in your life.
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  1. Betty Fleming says:

    Like finding a lost favorite earring or a letter in the mailbox hoped for: That’s what it’s like to see [Living Ben], the cream on the cake being your contagious positive attitude and wry takes on “hair.” MDA must appreciate and value you as a stalwart, purposeful volunteer
    as well as a receptive, responsible patient, and even now in between chemo, a strong, purposeful advocate of the work they do and the goals they set in partnership with the patient. You keep raising the bar as to what is possible, not only to hope for, but also to achieve. Thank you, Carol.

  2. Linda Vegh says:

    You know, Carol, you are still inspiring me. I am glad to hear you have had a respite of sorts. May all goo well at your evaluation.

    I sure hope you do get that pamphlet together – it will help many new patients. I don’t know if you keep up with the Rotzlers – Liz and Glen, but MDA has been in their lives now for quite a while. Glen has had good results this last go around.

  3. Lynda Falconer says:

    You never cease to amaze me!

  4. Suzette Brown says:

    I think of you often. I appreciate you so much and the opportunities you gave me. I’m praying for you. I’m hoping I can come with Carole to see you some time, if you’re up to it. Love, Suzette

    • Cam says:

      Oh Suzanne, just got your post. My software is not as good as it should be, SO sorry for my delayed response.

      I remember so many good things about you and our time together in MISD….love your FB posts about your family…

  5. suzan says:


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