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PanCan: The Purple Stride

I am so very, very grateful for the 200 plus of you who donated to my Purple Stride campaign.  We exceeded our $5000 goal but did not meet our goal of 500@ $10 each.  However, due to your incredible generosity, PanCan received their full donation plus.

This was my poster with my pal Jitterbug in support of the Purple Stride annual fundraiser.



 My New Friend, David , and A New Perspective

                                David and The Diva

You  meet the most interesting people as Lyft and Uber drivers.  David picked me up at MD Anderson at the end of a very long day and during the one and half hour drive to Kingwood through the horrible traffic, I talked with this most remarkable young man about so many subjects.  I came away with a pair of Diva glasses, a new perspective, and an inspirational uplift.

David, his wife and 3 young children are committed to a personal family ministry to help others.  Just one example, on the weekends the children make sandwiches from the family’s personal larder to take to the homeless under the bridge by Minute Maid Park. Through their church, the family is involved in many other projects, and I think David and his wife have their children convinced them that a proper fun-summer vacation is their plan to go to LA and help in a prison ministry for several days.

David also told me about The Divas, his mother ‘s church group and the good work they are doing.  He had an extra pair of Diva glasses which he gave to me, we took this photo, and after he tweeted the photo to the Divas, I got many personal encouragements.  Thank you Divas!

I should mention that David was homeless for part of his teenage years, worked a day job and a night job to survive.  And survive he did!  With a lovely family and an incredible sense of service, he is working on his 501c application to formalize his family’s work.  He also is preparing to go back to school and formalize his education.  All inspiring.

David is also devoted to his church, and we had a most enlightening conversation about the difference between joy and happiness.  Happiness is man made,  our accomplishments, dependent on getting something we wanted or needed.  Inner Joy allows us to smile and navigate life’s highs and lows.

David says, “Happiness is a smile on your face, Joy is a smile in your heart.” And, James 1:2: “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”

And, of course, I reference again my friend, Jo-Anne’s, comment that cancer can be a joy and a blessing.  I  see that now SO clearly as the blessings continue to come my way.

I so hope David gets his 501c application approved soon.  Then he can recruit  funds and extend the reach of  his  family’s  service projects.  It is refreshing and inspiring to hear of this both happy and joyous little family defying this jaded world’s influence, committing to spending their extra time and scare money to benefit others.


If you listened to my MD Anderson symposium speech, you know my routine, treatments, etc.  Not much has changed.

We took a wonderful 3-day trip to Kansas City to view the Truman Museum (20 miles east in Independence, MO),  then the Eisenhower Museum (100 miles west in Abilene KS), then the outstanding WWI museum in Kansas City.  We were at the Eisenhower museum on D-Day weekend and it was great.

Frank’s Palm Trees at Night

Also took a long weekend trip to my son’s home in Scottsdale and it was empowering.  I simply hung out by the pool (113 degrees, water 90 degrees) and pretended to be young and healthy, and it worked!

In order to take these trips, I skipped a couple of chemo treatments and my indicators began to rise again.  So I am back on every other Wed for treatments and hope this will suppress any unfortunate growth.


I am good and I thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Thank you David and Jo-Anne for  your insights and inspirations.

Happy and Joyful am I.


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  1. Sherry Kenner says:

    A beautiful testimony.

  2. Carol Ray says:

    Wonderful story… you rock Diva!!! Your
    exemplary example to live everyday regardless
    of challenges is an inspiration.
    With love

  3. Jo Fletcher says:

    I have such a little comment – just to say what interesting things you introduce us to! You listen with your heart. My best love to you cousin.

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