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My New World # 12: Celebrations and Tribulations

I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment in achieving my two goals:  In April, I made it a year (50% don’t), and then celebrated my 81st birthday in June.  I spoke words of appreciation to my doc about getting me this far,  and I believe it has been one of my best years, I think, because of all of you and my families support.  He gave me a big hug (unlike his usual stoic demeanor), and I am now realizing that being an oncologist who specializes in pancreatic cancer may not be the most rewarding field  as all your patients die.  Good news is appreciated.

After celebrating, I took a “downturn”,  tumor markers going up, multiple trips to the ER to help me with dehydration, edema, infections, and other UTPC  (I made this up:  Unacceptable Terms for  Polite Conversations).  And, I really thought I was beginning the End Stage of my disease, one complication leading to another, beginning that cycle to life’s end.  However, with my family’s extraordinary help and their constant care for my all aspects of my weakened condition, I am back!

My only concern is that I was unable to take chemo for five weeks and my little monster might have come out to play.  We’ll know when I get my next evaluative scan in August. This Wednesday is round three of four, and I am feeling as good today as when I started chemo months ago.

I am so thankful for your prayers and your many visits with me over the last months.  It truly, truly made the difference for me.  At times, I was too weak to stand or walk, but now I am walking the trails again, only carrying my cane because my M insists.

There was one other little incident:  I got into a fight and am sporting a black eye.  Jitterbug attacked another dog (10 times her size), I tried to break them up with my cane, got tangled up and fell, gashing my forehead, neighbors running out of their houses, blood on the street, everyone trying to get the beached whale up (couldn’t stand as my knees were all banged up), so it was quite a scene.  My MDA Team also had a more than a little fun with this and assured me my black eye would be there for weeks. But no real harm done.  Just poor little Jitterbug has lost her walking privileges and she just doesn’t understand why.

On my last chemo infusion, I had a wonderful experience of meeting three high school girls who volunteer weekly after school at MDA.   They stopped by my room and we had great conversations about all sorts of things.  I doubt they realized I was high on steroids, babbling about everything. How wonderful these girls are (one suggested I describe then as “sexy”), going room to room, trying to comfort and engage very sick people.  They are sexy but I am going to stick with wonderful -. there are many, many activities these high school girls could be engaged in, but they come to MDA. Wonderful!  I hope I will meet them again one day.

Also, thanks to so many of you for purchasing the pendants.  Would you send me a photo of you and the pendant for my bulletin board?  It is so uplifting to me to see your faces and know your support. Again, the pendants are not only to be worn in my support, but support for other friends who are facing their own life challenges.


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  1. Anne says:

    You continue to inspire us all Carol! I am sorry that I have not been more in touch these past few weeks and hope I can get caught up with you soon…If you are feeling pretty good and are up to a visit I would love to come down. Poor You and Jitterbug for getting into a fight with that dog, but no surprise that you were ferocious in defending your Jitterbug!
    So glad you are recovering from your fall!
    Love you!

    • Cam says:

      I would love a visit! I am so impressed with your leadership on the slaughter house issue… wish I could be of help.. wish I could attend the town meeting..

      Planning on spending time in Woodville.. love the fall… maybe I could get the sane group together fir lunch again? Think about mid Aug I will try to come every other week … want to go to church.. like that church a lot,,,
      At MDA today for treatment… thank’s for reading & commenting

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