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My New World #14: My Patient Voice

My Support Team: Saira, Milton, and Delfine

Recently, I was asked by my doctor, Dr. Wolff, to speak at a national symposium on pancreatic cancer at M.D. Anderson. The audience were researchers presenting papers on their latest projects, and, although I didn’t stay ’til the end of the day, Dr. Allison, M.D. Anderson’s Nobel Prize winner, concluded the conference. I wish I had heard him speak, although I am sure I would not have understood a word of any of these technical presentations.  I was asked to be the first speaker and to present a patient voice.  Dr. Wolff is the gentleman introducing me, and my Granddaughter Saira and my friend Delfine and, of course, my wonderful Milton, all went with me to offer support.

I was pleased with my speech, it was My Story,  but horrified at my appearance and the fluttery hands.

Here’s my speech:

















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  1. Bill Schaake says:

    Loved your talk. Peace and Love.

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