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My New World #1

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Well, this is the email I originally sent a week or so ago  to a few friends and asked them to forward to others.

NOW, I will tell  you I sent it by mistake.  I was working on the draft and I accidentally hit “SEND”.  It upset me a lot as I thought it was too dark and somewhat melodramatic,  and I was still searching for the right words.  However, your responses have made me feel much better about it.  SO, Thank You!

“​I am sending this email to you, a few friends in the different circles of my life, and who might choose to share my  news with others.   A few days ago, it was confirmed that I have the most aggressive type of pancreatic cancer. (And, I thought I had pulled a muscle in my back at the gym and might be developing an ulcer. As it turns out, those were not two things but one symptom.)

The outlook is grim, but, somehow, I am at peace with it.  I will be at MD Anderson next week and begin chemo soon.  This type of adenocarcinoma is fast moving and deadly; survival rate is low, but I will give it my very best shot. We told Suzan, Milton, Frank, and Saira a few days ago, and,  of course, it is very hard for them right now.  Saira is coming Sunday to spend two weeks with us before she reports to her new job in DC.  She will be here to help us with the beginning treatments and help me with pieces of my life. I have a lot to do to get ready, and, of course, as you might imagine, I have more than a few definite ideas! 😁

Milton is my rock and I am so lucky to have his strength and not be facing this alone.When I get past the next few days and have a schedule, I would welcome visits.   We can talk about our times together, the fun we had, the good things we did, and, of course, the crazy things going on in our world.

Pray for me as I go forward…”


I had my second round of four chemo treatments over eight weeks.  Each takes about 7 hours, so I have prepared myself electronically with my new Boise wireless headphones.  (Just because you have cancer doesn’t prevent you from being just plain bored with these life-saving routines.)

I am compiling my favorites and taking suggestions.   A friend has suggested the overture from the Patton movie, and I am looking for it.  Of course, already on my list are  Willie’s Amazing Grace, a few Sousa marches, and all my Bon Jovi favorites, and especially his Welcome to Wherever You Are.

Taking suggestions now.  I’m aiming for a balance of fight songs, inspirational songs, and all just good sounds.


I’ve had a lot of visitors, and it really makes me feel great!  A group from a prior school district visited and we hadn’t seen each other in years, we had a great time talking about all the really wild things we encountered in that district, and catching up on what’s happening in their lives.

On my schedule: I think the only “not-so-good-days” to visit will be the Thursday-Sunday immediately after my Wednesday infusions.  I have infusions on Wednesdays: May 10, May 24, and June 7.  That’s of course, every other week.  Other than these days I am energetic, feeling good and somewhat bored as my wonderful keepers have grounded me from public places (that eliminates almost all of my places) and eating food cooked by unknowns (that eliminates all of my favorite restaurants).

And, if the time comes when it would be difficult for me to have visitors, I’ll post a note.

Hope, if you’re headed somewhere close to Houston, you’ll consider dropping by.


Ben says,

“Wouldst thou enjoy a long Life, a healthy Body, and a vigorous Mind, and be acquainted also with the wonderful Works of God? labour in the first place to bring thy Appetite into Subjection to Reason. “

and, of course,

        “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”


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  1. Denise A says:

    Carol, this is a great way for you to let us know how you are doing. You’re in our prayers!

  2. Sharon M says:

    Love your spirit, heart, and candor. If you only knew how much you touched my life so many years ago when life was pretty rough for me. The care and compassion from several of you at BBS impacted me greatly. So much so that probably the greatest gift I give my students is my heart. The subject matter is important and awesome, but being honest and real with kids goes a long way. I learned that from you. Even through the trials in life, God has had angels all along the way. Thank you for being one of those angels. Praying for you and your family.

  3. Linda V says:

    Lovely lady; you have been such an important role model for me. Having been through rounds of chemo before, I understand some of what you describe well. My son, the chemical engineer, reminded me during this difficult time – the effects you feel are the chemicals doing what they need to do. Power to the chemo!

  4. Bill S says:

    Hoping and praying for comfort and healing. It’s a tough road-if anyone can navigate it-you can. Thanks for being such a great mentor and friend.

  5. Carolr says:

    I was wondering how you are doing.Love having a place for updates. Thinking of you! Love your sweet spirit.

  6. Jacque says:

    I am still wrapping my mind around this information. Cancer is such a shocking dreaded word. I had carcinoma sarcoma six years ago. Having a positive attitude makes such a big difference. I know you will be a great example for all. Never give up. Spend lots of time with friends and family. Get lots of rest. I found keeping a journal helped. You are a special friend. Much love and many prayers will be coming your way! Jacque (Lange)

  7. DianeT says:

    I am thinking of you, daily, and you are in my prayers! You are a strong woman and I know all of the positive thoughts, love and prayers wrapped around you will help you to continue to get stronger everyday!

  8. Kathi Fletcher says:

    Dear Carol,

    My mom sent me this website in May, but I somehow didn’t find your posts.

    But now I have, so, this is just a quick note to say we are here in Houston near the med center and available to help, however you need. Please feel free to share my email with your family and friends that might need a quick errand


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