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I am an observer of our interesting world , sharing my passions and my outrages, and thinking of Incredible Ben, his amazing blending of a social and civic life with superb common sense.

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My New World # 6:  Marching toward Evaluation Time

My New World # 6: Marching toward Evaluation Time

I am taking my final infusion of Round Two as I write this today.  These six to seven hour chemo treatments are a great time for writing these posts, catching up on a little reading, listening to my chemo playlist, watching  television. I have discovered some great television shows, unknown to me before, and some […]

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My New World #5: The Incredible MDA

My New World #5: The Incredible MDA

Last week, I had minor surgery to install a port in my chest.  It’s rather interesting as this device, implanted beneath the skin, allows the IV needle to deliver chemo drugs directly into the big vena cava coming from the heart, so those increasingly painful IV’s in your poor stressed arms and hands are no […]

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My New World # 4: A Quick Update

I appreciate the many prayers and good wishes as I approached my first evaluative CT Scan yesterday. Today I received very good news from the doc that my tumors have decreased in size and the 8 weeks (4 treatments) of chemotherapy appear to be effective in blocking the spread to other organs.  SO I am […]

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My New World, #3: Shock and Awe

    I received these words from a friend who has been living with cancer for 12 years, and I am in shock and awe. She said, “I wish you the joy and blessings that cancer can bestow on us.” Well, that is a shocking statement. However, now, thinking of the many friends who have […]

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My New World, #2:  The Gathering of the Clan

My New World, #2: The Gathering of the Clan

​ I am so fortunate to have the support of family.    Our daughter has traveled from New Hampshire to stay a couple of months. She is working remotely from her school and has brought part of her cattery with her.  Some of her cats were placed into foster homes for the next several weeks, […]

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My New World #1

USING MY BLOG for our communication:   For your comments, my suggestion is that you use your first name and last initial for your username.  While I will see your full email  address with your comment, my software will mask your name and email address and those won’t be published or available to the public.  Only […]

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Sooie, sooey, soo ee…

My friend, Al, a political enthusiast and noted commentator, has christened the 2016 election year, the Year of the Pig.  Well, after all,  Hillary’s spouse is a cheating swine, Bernie lives on a pig farm, The Donald is a sexist pig, and Ted is simply pig-headed.  And, of course, they all want to cut pork […]

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It’s Very SADD !

It’s Very SADD !

You would think you would be ‘safe’ from a drunk driver if you were in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, and, of course, you would be wrong. This week, Jeff King, four time Iditarod winner, was hit by a  snowmobile drunk driver in the middle of his race.  One of his beloved dogs was […]

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More of Velma’s Photos

More of Velma’s Photos

My friend Velma is a wonderful photographer.  I shared some of her garden photos and the critters-in-the-her-garden photos.  These next photos explore her world of  the Coastal Bend area of South Texas.          

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My Friend, Steve, has many talents. He is an artist, a designer, and a fantastic teacher. These posts give advice to teachers, new or struggling. For a real treat, go to his website for wonderful stories, Each of his posts is related to one of his stories. You’ll love ’em!

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